Andrea Driessen

Andrea Driessen

money-making messaging for entrepreneurs

You can change the world with your words.

But only if they're the RIGHT words

If you're a...

✓ Entrepreneur whose revenue and impact suffer, because your communications don’t fully express the worth of your offerings—from buyersand VCs’ points of view.

✓ Speaker or thought leader who’s unsure how to reach more people with your critical message.

✓ Subject matter expert with intellectual property, but without an easy-to-remember, trademark-worthy marketing hook for that IP.

✓ Nonfiction author with a book concept, manuscript, or pitch that needs editing, clarity, and a broader audience.

✓ Aspiring TEDx speaker who wants to understand the mysterious TED ecosystem, and nail that application, so you can share your idea worth spreading.

…your words must quickly and clearly express your highest value.

If they don’t, no one will listen.

All your effortdown the drain.

Let’s avoid that.

I’m message strategist Andrea Driessen.

My Actual Intelligence Messaging (AIM tm) process helps smart people express their best ideas—and change the world with their words.

When we collaborate on your content, you’ll:

  • Save time, effort, and stress.
  • Replace jargon with crystal-clear clarity.
  • Generate more results and revenue more quickly.
  • Expand your influence.
  • Know exactly how your target audiences see you.
  • Close more deals.
  • Retain more clients.
  • Gain a powerful, new ability to speak directly and confidently to what customers need.

Together, we’ll fast-track your success. And laugh a lot along the way.

No more spinning your wheels.

A full stop to feeling stuck.

An end to trying to do it all yourself.

And an infinitely better alternative to solely using AI chat bots to “write” your copy:

Why my Actual Intelligence beats your Artificial Intelligence 

A desk flatlay with a laptop, tablet, phone and other office items.
Close-up Of White Registered Trademark Sign Near Documents Over Desk
A headshot of Andrea Driessen in a fuchsia top standing in front of a wall of bookshelves.

I’ve helped hundreds of the world’s most well-known experts, thought leaders, and celebrities generate more revenue with their words.

And helped some of the most recognizable brands incorporate keynote speakers’ insights and educational tools into their corporate cultures, member communities, and curricula to drive higher performance.

I’ve also written a 3x award-winning business book and own 4 registered trademarks.

My clients replace stress and frustration with clarity and confidence, because my work generates quantifiable results.

My viral TED Talk reveals how to change our worlds with our words, too. After all, the messages of affirmation we share with people we care about will only make life-changing impacts while they’re alivenot after they’ve passed.

I call these Gracenotes, or eulogies for the living.

Invite me to work on your words—and soon, the world will be listening.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Find out how my clients are changing the world with their words—in these case studies →

Websites & Proposals
Refining & naming trademark-worthy ideas
Paid-speaking bios & program descriptions
High-consequence client pitches


Critical email campaigns
Book editing & book proposals

pitch decks

The world can’t wait for your great ideas. It’s your time to be heard.