Money-making messaging

for entrepreneurs,

speakers, & SMEs

As a small business owner and innovator …

You’ve showcased your products and services through various channels. But you’re not fully speaking to the needs of clients and prospects

You’re frustrated that your distinct value isn’t clearly expressed in your marketing materials

Your promotional efforts, when you even have time, are stalled – or not well executed

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It’s true:

Too many entrepreneurs and professional speakers lack the expertise and bandwidth to create clear, unified, buyer-directed communications. And compellingly showcase their highest value.

But you can gain an unfair advantage and get more:

Decision makers’ eyeballs on your website, proposals, packages, posts, and emails

Synthesized messaging that inspires buyers to say YES

Revenue via clear, concise, professional communications
Fast-tracked execution on otherwise-stalled or delayed projects
Time for other projects that only YOU can do

Paid-speaking bios & program descriptions + High-consequence client pitches
+ Honing & naming trademark-worthy ideas + TEDx applications + Critical email campaigns
+ Book editing and book proposals + More

Andrea Driessen helps smart people codify, package, & monetize their best ideas.

Why Andrea as your Mobile Marketing Maven?

Award-winning entrepreneur who knows how to “get in the heads” of buyers and prospects
30+ years pitching SMEs and entrepreneurs to B2B and B2C industry leaders
Obsessed with writing from the buyers’ point of view
3x award-winning author

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Andrea Driessen
Bryan Rutberg

Andrea finds the heart of my message, and adds clarity and cleverness. So my consulting and speaking clients quickly see how I’ll help them. She also crafted a potent 1-word marketing hook that encapsulates my brand promise.”

Bryan Rutberg, Founder and Principal, 3 C Comms

Bryan Rutberg

I hire Andrea to generate crystal-clear business communications for my clients—from web copy to sales scripts to e-books. She then distills all of the information into powerful, convincing materials that move sales conversations forward—fast!”

Lenora Edwards, Business Development Consultant for Entrepreneurs

Bryan Rutberg

I hired Andrea to write compelling copy that propels potential clients to take action. She synthesized my key values and clients’ pain points, so my website is my best marketing tool. And she saved me time, energy, and money.”

Sandy Stamato, coaching for women in second half of life

Bryan Rutberg

“The world needs more direct, no-nonsense writing. That’s what Andrea delivers. She was a joy to work with & delivered a manuscript on time, and with the perfect ‘non-obvious’ voice that we were looking for.”

Rohit Bhargava, speaker & founder, The Non-Obvious Company

What’s the opportunity cost

of doing it all yourself?!

Mobile Marketing Maven. MMM good!

Andrea Driessen | 206-856-7563