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Andrea Driessen

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Helping individuals & teams become more capable, communicative, & connected

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Money-making messaging for speakers & SMEs

  • You’ve achieved some level of success with audiences you’ve spoken to. But you’re unsure how to get on more stages, more often—at higher fees

  • You’re frustrated that your distinct value isn’t clearly expressed in your marketing materials

  • Your marketing efforts, when you even have time, are stalled—or not well executed

It’s true: Too many speakers lack the expertise, bandwidth, and insider’s perspective to create clear, unified, buyer-directed communications. And showcase their highest value.

But you can gain an unfair advantage.

“I hire Andrea to generate crystal clear business communications for my clients—from web copy to sales scripts to e-books. She then distills it all into powerful, convincing materials that move sales conversations forward—fast!” Lenora Edwards, Business Development Consultant
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Learning & Training Design

Corporate and trade association teams will learn more in less time and ensure it all sticks:

  • Leadership-development programs
  • Audience-engagement tools
  • Innovative adult-learning design and implementation
  • Meeting and event design
  • Trainer and speaker curation

Based on current brain science, 3x award-winning book, and 30+ year career of designing and managing a wide range of B2B events … including large industry conferences, summits, team events, roadshows, panels, and sales meetings.

Hybrid, e-learning, virtual, and in-person modalities.

Case studies available.

“Andrea Driessen has been a trusted partner for over 10 years. I value her breadth of experience to help us create unique programs for our multi-generational audience, from big ideas to the smallest details.” Allison Conkin, Seattle’s Lakeside School

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Gracenotes® (Eulogies for the living)

Live, virtual, and in-person keynote experiences for the recovering-from-the-pandemic workplace that:


  • Foster greater connection, inclusion, belonging, and performance
  • Lie at the intersection of what organizations need NOW: tools for boosting mattering and meaning making, as well as navigating grief and loss … especially within hybrid workforces.
  • Help teams bring their full selves to work and become more cohesive. Clients include Amazon, Boeing and Trauma Intervention Programs.

” …[Gracenotes is] a case study in how to engage the head and the heart for tangible results.”

Andrea Driessen …

is a learning, training, and development expert who helps people and organizations worldwide become more capable, communicative, and connected.

An internationally award-winning business owner who built her business from the ground up, she’s dedicated her career to helping others grow.

Andrea served on the core organizing team at TEDxSeattle for nearly 8 years, and is a TEDx speaker herself.

She’s curated programs for hundreds of executive teams and meeting planners who want to create new experiences that ignite higher levels of performance. Andrea’s 3x award-winning book, The Non-Obvious Guide to Event Planning: For Kick-Ass Gatherings that Inspire People, is in its second printing.

Her margaritas will make you smile—and put hair on your chest.