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5.5 Reasons my Actual Intelligence beats your Artificial Intelligence

( even ChatGPT agrees * )

As a professional copywriter, I’m often asked whether I think advances in AI means an end to my livelihood.

No, I don’t. And I’m no egomaniac with my head in the sand.

While artificial intelligence can automate portions of copywriting (in fact, I use it to research some aspects of my clients’ industries), it does not replace my actual intelligence—for these 5.5 reasons.

1: There are no humans there.

By definition, AI is artificial. It’s UN-human.

But the best copy—words that actually sell offerings made by humans—requires that the words reflect humans talking to humans.

Consultants, SMEs, coaches, thought leaders…are all selling themselves—their humanity. And their messaging must reflect that humanity. Their offers must translate into human-sounding conversations with prospects.

But bot-generated copy sounds like a machine talking to a machine—because it IS.

2: Writing is just ONE component my clients pay for.

Yes, I’m a copywriter. Over the last 25 years, my words have generated millions of dollars in business.

But the title “copywriter” is a misnomer. I’m also a message strategist. A researcher. A brander. A knowledge worker. An innovator. An influencer who elevates other influencers, so they can play a bigger game.

And as one client describes me, “The Queen of Clarity.”

Indeed…thoughtful, crystal-clear, cohesive website, LinkedIn, and sell-sheet copy doesn’t just flow from my keyboard.

My multi-layered efforts also include:

End results: Empathetic, conversational, error-free pitches that focus on what prospects care about. Writing that has readers nodding their heads, because they know you get them. Words that make buyers say YES—I want that.

Do you get all THAT from your AI Chat?

3: You, me—and many more.

You can’t automate the trust that comes from actual relationships.

So, beyond the close connections I form with each client, everyone also gains personalized access to additional professionals in my network. And I don’t mean, “Hey, let’s connect on LinkedIn.” I regularly take time to introduce my clients to others who can hire them and make their lives easier.

How many worthwhile business relationships does your Bard bot bring you?

4: Using Artificial Intelligence is a time suck all its own.

If you want to use, say, ChatGPT to generate your copy, be prepared to first invest a lot of time in writing effective prompts that put the whole process in motion—and feed those hungry bots enough to work with.

Then be ready to go down a bunch of rabbit holes—and read through gobs of nonessential information—to find the nuggets you need.

Oh, and that’s just the beginning.

Because then you’ll need to cull, edit, integrate, re-order, synthesize, de-jargon, humanize, and align it all with your brand voice….

In the end, how much trial and error are you willing to endure on this one single step?

And as you reach for more aspirin, are you really saving money?

5: You’ll live longer.

Laughter is scientifically proven to boost lifespan and immunity. (Think I’m joking? Details here and here.)

Of course you’re wondering why I’m bringing this up.

Hints: I used to own a speakers’ bureau named “No More Boring Meetings.” I practice improv. I’m (in)famous for my April Fool’s pranks. My TED Talk about eulogies for the living is both poignant and funny.

I am, in short, a silly goofball.

So when we team up, we’re gonna laugh, have fun—and still get business done.

That other AI? Just bad ”Dad” jokes.

* 5.5: Even ChatGPT agrees—I’m not on deck for a layoff.

One last half-reason that my actual intelligence beats your artificial intelligence:

I went right to the source, asking ChatGPT, “Will artificial intelligence replace the actual intelligence of copywriters?”

And she-he-it-they said:

“Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making significant strides in various fields, including content creation and copywriting. AI-powered language models, like the one you are currently interacting with, are capable of generating human-like text, including articles, product descriptions, and even marketing copy. While AI can undoubtedly assist and augment the work of copywriters, it is unlikely to completely replace their actual intelligence in the foreseeable future.”

There you have it: AI can do a LOT. But there’s a lot it CAN’T do.

So, I’ll get back now to my deeply meaningful work, as a human serving you—my fellow human—with my actual intelligence.